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My counselling approach is integrative and relational. The open and trusting relationship we build together is central to this approach.  We work at a pace and depth that you feel comfortable with and we explore together the issues and experiences you want to focus on. 

Many people facing personal difficulties find themselves repeating patterns they feel stuck in and want to change. 

Maybe in the past you haven’t been taken seriously or perhaps you’ve felt that what you want to talk about is too difficult to share. With me, whatever you’re facing, you can talk openly about how you really feel and know that you will be heard, valued and taken seriously. My role is to understand your experiences from your perspective without judging you or your feelings or thoughts. 

I will accept you non-judgementally as a unique individual with your own way of looking at, understanding and experiencing the world.

Whatever your age or the stage you are at in your life, this can greatly improve feelings of self-worth, hope and possibility.